General / 26 September 2018

From September 21 - 23 I had the absolute pleasure and honour to be amongst the Guest Artists of NORIS FORCE CON, a popular charity Star Wars convention in Fürth. Together with Ingo Römling and Angelina Benedetti I've been drawing sketches and signing books and a selection of drawings and pictures you can find below. I want to thank everyone who dropped by for a chat and a sketch, everyone who attended my panel talks and a big THANKS goes out to the busy organisers, the charming people who did interviews and my entertaining artist colleagues. The charity raised 20.000 Euro for the Klabautermann e.V. to help chronically ill children in hospital.

Comic Book Sketches

Blind Kanan Sketch

Hera Sketch

Artist Panel Talk together with Ingo Römling and Angelina Benedetti

The costumes were AWESOME!

... and fun to draw!

Hera Sketch

Ingo Römling, Angelina Benedetti and myself

The lovely guys from Jedi-Bibliothek and Jedipedia